Accelerated Interactive Recovery (AIR)


        Balance training for older people living in Salford:

Do you have balance problems with a risk of falling and live in Salford? Would you like to receive cutting edge therapy that may help? Click on the flyer below for more information and click here for a form to print off and complete to register your interest.

Virtual Adventures for Dementia:

Do you have a diagnosis of mild to moderate dementia and live in Salford? Would you like to receive cutting edge therapy that may help? Click on the flyer below for more information and click here for a form to print off and complete to register your interest.

Introducing A.I.R. (Accelerated Interactive Recovery): a scientific breakthrough in rehabilitation

Formerly only available to the military and research institutes, this cutting edge technology is now available to the public for the first time in the UK at the Brain And Spinal Injury Centre, Salford.

Virtual Reality can speed up brain injury rehabilitation and reduce the impact of brain damage. Accelerated Interactive Recovery at BASIC utilises cutting edge virtual reality technology, including:

the CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment) Read more »

the DynSTABLE (Dynamic Stability and Balance Learning Environment) Read more »

the ReGAIT Read more »

BASIC’s AIR project can help those that need:

  • Traumatic brain injury rehabilitation
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Cognitive rehabilitation
  • Management of long-term neurological conditions
  • Spinal injury rehabilitation
  • Mental health intervention
  • Rehabilitation for amputees and wounded soldiers
  • Management of mild to moderate dementia
  • Recovery from sports related injuries

"I can’t do in the gym what I do on the CAREN. It enables me to be much more creative, flexible and responsive with a patient. The CAREN is invaluable in my work."

Barri Schnall

Gait Analysis Specialist, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington DC

What can be achieved?

  • Assessment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Gait analysis, feedback & detailed nine-page report that includes:
    • kinematic data comparison for left and right lower limbs, namely joint angles, joint moments and joint powers
    • comprehensive analysis of trunk, hips, knees and ankles
    • mean average spatio-temporal parameters listed
    • specific additional summary provided for each client, with suitable recommendations and advice for training, rehabilitation or performance improvements
    • analysis includes a lower torso Human Body Model (HBM) where muscle forces become visible in real-time. Forces are invisible by nature, we can normally only see the results of applied forces on the surrounding world. HBM makes it possible to view the generated muscle forces in the human body in real-time and these show up as green muscles on screen during Gait analysis.

  • Balance training
  • Falls prevention
  • Improving vestibular conditions
  • Gait training
  • Locomotor training
  • Improving movement in the upper limbs
  • Postural training
  • Assisted daily living training
  • Pain management

BASIC’s AIR project offers rehabilitation with:

  • Real-time feedback for therapists and patients - D-flow software provides information on the training progress and its effects.
  • Clear and objective data - during the training program, clear and objective data is generated. This data shows all information and parameters related to specific tasks inside the virtual environments.
  • Inspiring and motivational sessions - thanks to gaming elements, training becomes inspiring and motivational. Being immersed in a game environment often has an effect where patients stop concentrating on their limitations and pain. Positive feedback is given to stimulate patients.
  • A controlled environment - the therapist can customise challenging exercises in a very controlled environment. Different levels of difficulty are applied by giving feedback to the patient through loop speed and gain based on patient’s performance.

For all AIR enquiries, including costs, please email or call the AIR phone on 07802 600220. Alternatively you can make an enquiry online below.

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Our friendly experienced staff (seen above), including registered physiotherapists and sports scientists, will identify which training programmes best achieve your rehabilitation goals.

CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment)