Our Achievements from 2016-17

Our Achievements from 2016-17

2016 has been a massive year for us here at BASIC. We celebrated our 30th birthday, supporting those who have suffered from a life changing brain or spinal injury. 


We have transformed clients lives supporting them with a range of problems associated with brain and spinal injury from: personality changes, memory problems, emotional problems, cognitive thinking problems and fatigue. 


BASIC has made a massive contribution to my rehabilitation and to putting me 'back on my feet. Thank you. 

What new clients have achieved after twelve months of using our services. 

78% report reaching their personal goals.

68% reported improved understanding of brain injury 

77% report increased increased confidence.

73% report improved quality of life. 

73% report improved motivation.

59% report improved energy levels. 

For more information about our achievements in the last year please download our outcome management report. 



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