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Neurocare Overview

Neurological disorders are the commonest cause of disability in the UK.

An estimated 3 million people in Britain are suffering from brain
related disorders.

"Without the staff at BASIC to talk me through the things that were
happening in my head, I would probably have committed suicide at that
BASIC ex-patient


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Approximately 1 million people are treated in hospital for head injuries
each year. It is the most common cause of death in teenagers. Approximately
8,500 people in the UK suffer a brain haemorrhage each year. More than
half of these people are of working age and sometimes young children are
affected by this life threatening condition which hits out of the blue.

Strokes affect one in every 250 people and is the third highest killer
in the UK. There are 5,000 new cases of primary brain tumours and 7,000
secondary cases each year in the UK. Unfortunately brain tumours know
no age barriers, they account for 25% of all childhood cancer deaths.

These, along with other neurological conditions affecting the brain,
mean that an estimated 3 million people in Britain are suffering from brain
related disorders. New technology and research are revolutionising the
Neurosciences and many more patients are now surviving what would once have
been fatal conditions. These people often need rehabilitation,
sometimes over many years. Even minor brain injuries can
result in difficulties which persist for many months or years.

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