At BASIC our experts are committed to rebuilding lives following brain and spinal injuries.

Virtual Reality Rehabilitation

Using cutting-edge Virtual Reality to develop stamina, cognitive skills and confidence.

Veterans Support

Rehabilitation supported by grants means no cost to the veteran or their family - see what's available

Body BASIC Gym

Specialist equipment not found in conventional gyms to aid with physical development for those in need of it.

“When I first attended, I had no confidence to either stand or walk even with a stroller. Now with the care of Caroline and Carol I can stand freely, on some days to the count of 100, and I can walk a short distance with a stroller, take my own coat off and wash the upper part of my body myself. The two ladies, the ‘Dynamic Duo’, have given me the confidence to do all this.” – VR Client 2019

Self Referrals

At BASIC, we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality rehabilitation after suffering from a brain or spinal injury. We offer a range of services that are suitable for severe injuries to minor injuries.

Professional referrals

If you are a medical professional and wish to refer a patient for one of our services, you can submit a referral by clicking the button below

Why not help us out?

Your generosity helps rebuild lives.

“I needed to be able to cope with the mental trauma of what happened to me, and BASIC helped me in dealing with this” – PTSD Client 2020

“BASIC has improved my walking, confidence and hope for the future. You’ve really helped with my whole recovery. I am now back at work one day a week.VR Client 2019

“His condition [PTSD] led him to get fired from his first civilian job. We almost lost our home as a result because it was only me working. It’s been very much a battle along the way. To have the support here and the treatment and come home, it’s brought peace to our house. The level of support we’ve had here totally outweighs everything.” – Partner of Iraq/Afghanistan veteran


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