Wellbeing Support

This page lists our wellbeing services to boost your mood and keep you feeling great.
For our mental health services including psychotherapy and psychology please see the Psychological Support information.

Free Support for Salford Residents

For a limited period we’ve got free activities to support the wellbeing of clients or your family member carers living in Salford. Which one is for you?

Gardening Club

Build Confidence

Are you seeking fresh air and nature?

It’s a great time to get out in the garden and make things grow. We’re starting a gardening club to help look after our lovely new outdoor space.

Ask about getting involved!

Do you want to boost your confidence?

Maggie is a past client who rebuilt her life after a brain injury. She understands the challenges that come with recovery. Let her help you get your confidence back.

This one’s especially for clients.

Experience VR

Online Exercises

Experience VR

Do you want to stay in and be well?

Our physios have been getting their virtual classes ready for more of the accessible exercise sessions. Even try something new with Capoeira.

Get in touch to find out more.

Are you looking for something Fun?

Enjoyable activities help improve our mood and get us feeling good. Our VR facilities are great for rehab and fun when life gets stressful.

Ask about trying it out.

Find out more about the free activities & start feeling good

To find out more about any of these free support opportunities just get in touch.

Email the team – enquiries@basiccharity.org.uk

Phone us on – 0161 707 6441

And look out for our Summer Wellbeing Days later in the year....!