Brain Injury Awareness Week, 16-22 March 2020

A big part of our work is rehabilitating patients so they can lead a full and fulfilling life. A part of this is reintegrating into society and we believe that more people need to know about the hidden effects of brain injury. 

Brain injury is often a hidden illness and many can find that employers, friends and family members can be left confused at their friends or loved-ones change in behaviour, mood and sometimes cognitive issues like post-concussion and fatigue. 

During Brain Injury Awareness Week 2020 we will be campaigning and offering advice around Brain Injury.

We want to build a picture of brain injury across the UK, so there is a real understanding of the problems people face, which will help shape the future of our services. 

We will also be holding fundraisers in our communities and it would be brilliant if you would like to get involved. For more information on how you, your place of work and your community can get involved please contact our fundraising team on [email protected] or call the fundraising office on 0161 707 6441.