This Christmas give the gift of rehabilitation. 

Every year over 1.4 million people are taken to the hospital because of head injuries. Some of these aren't so lucky and may not make a complete recovery and will need additional rehabilitation, this is were BASIC can help. Every year BASIC helps hundreds of people who have suffered from life-changing brain and spinal injuries. These injuries can vary from stroke, to progressive illnesses like MS and severe head injuries often caused by road traffic collisions. 

We provide a range of pioneering rehabilitation services for people who have suffered from life-changing injuries. These services range from our Body Basic Assisted gym to our virtual reality rehabilitation programme. 

This year why not give the gift of rehabilitation and help those suffering from life-changing injuries regain their independence and forge a new life. 

If you choose to give a Christmas gift to BASIC we will send a card to a friend or loved one, telling them about your generous contribution and how their gift has helped our service users. 

As little as £3 can pay for someone to attend our cognitive rehabilitation sessions 

As little as £35 can pay for someone to attend our Body Basic Assisted Gym 

As little as £75 can pay for someone to access our virtual reality rehabilitation services