Children In Need Support BASIC 

Children in Need support BASIC’s children’s virtual reality rehabilitation programme.

Children In Need have come on board to support BASIC’ virtual reality rehabilitation programme, committing to funding the programme for the next 3 years. With the support of Children in Need and the Garfield Weston Foundation, BASIC will be able to provide 600 sessions on the CAREN helping up to 60 children every year.

What is the children’s VR Programme

The Need

Every year 70,000 children are admitted to hospital with a head injury.

Returning home from the hospital can be a big milestone, but it can also be the start of many challenges. Recovery from a brain injury can be a slow process depending on the severity of the injury. Challenges can be physical, cognitive and emotional and can affect functions like walking, balance, movement, fatigue, sleep and sensory difficulties.

The Project

The project aims to enable the child or young person to live as independently as possible, improve motivation, improve their emotional well-being, confidence and concentration. It supports children and young people to take on tasks in a safe and controlled environment. This mens they are more likely to try things they might not try in the real world. We can even add their favourite music.

We would like to thank Children In Need for supporting the children’s virtual reality rehabilitation programme.