How can you increase your energy levels? 

It's commonly accepted that most working people in modern society don't have enough energy and find it hard to have consistently high energy levels. A lot of people are now relying on high caffeine drinks or sugary food when we should be concentrating on more natural ways to up our energy levels. 


Sleep is a key factor in the creation and preservation of energy and we recommend that you always aim for around 8 hours a night. However, some research has shown that if you are having issues with sleeping soundly it has been recommended you try sleep restriction, in which you will cut down on how much sleep you're getting and then gradually build it back up. For instance, start with 4 hours a night and as you start to see fewer gaps in your sleep increase the amount of sleep you get by 30 minutes to 1 hour per night until you have reached the optimum of 8 hours sleep. 


Stress can also dramatically affect energy levels as stress-induced emotions can be very draining. Decreasing your workload to make everyday life more manageable can reduce stress giving you more energy. Taking regular breaks at work and allowing your mind to focus on other things also alleviates stress, meaning you work more efficiently and feel more energised; even just a walk around the office or getting out for some fresh air can provide the required boost to work more efficiently and feel less stressed. 


Avoiding alcohol, caffeine and nicotine (or at least reducing the amount you can consume) can have a dramatic effect on energy levels. These substances are stimulants that will increase energy for a short time and the overall effect of them will mostly be negative, i.e. a lack of sleep and increased stress levels. It is also important to uphold a healthy balanced diet will also allow energy levels to remain at a consistent high, never skipping breakfast and sticking to healthy snacks throughout the day instead of larger, less healthy meals will prevent energy slumps. 


Another natural and healthy option that gives us extra energy is regular exercise. Research suggests that regular exercise can increase energy levels in the long-run and will promote deeper sleep. 

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