3 Peaks 2018

Join team BASIC at the 3 peaks challenge. 

Three Peaks Challenge

Event Details: 

The Three Peaks Challenge is one of the most physically enduring challenges you can take on in the UK. The emotions and exhaustion of climbing the 3 highest peaks in the UK in 24 hours will be one of your proudest moments. 

The highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales are the stages for hundreds of walkers and mountaineers who attempt to take on the Three Peaks Challenge. The challenge is to complete all three mountains, one after the other, and drive between them, un under 24 hours. This challenge is to hillwalking what the London Marathon is to running, a signature event that for many leads to a lifetime of enjoyment. 

This is an iconic challenge in the UK and a must do for any adventurer. You will attempt to summit the three highest peaks in in the UK, climbing Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdon. 

Tips for taking on the 3 peaks 

Be prepared for any weather:

During the challenge, you can encounter temperatures of up to 30 degrees, torrential rain, hail, thunder and snow. We would recommend that you bring more clothes than you need and carry extra layers in your bag. The advice of 'start cold' and you will get warm' is always good advice, to begin with. 


Bring a wide selection of snacks with you.

The Mountains: 

Ben Nevis: 1,344 metres 

Ben Nevis is the biggest hill you will face. From the base to the top takes up nearly half of the ascent of the entire challenge. The path is easy to follow and only near the top does it peter out into a boulder field, which can even be covered in snow in June. At the top, you have enough time to take a photo and celebrate your first victory before heading down and starting your journey to the second hill, Scafell Pike Summit. 

The views of Ben Nevis is unparalleled, in all directions from the top, when you can see all lines of mountains to the horizon, and to the west the Atlantic and the Hebrides. 

Scafell Pike Summit: 977 Metres 

The main route up for the challenge starts and ends in Wasdale, a valley that truly swallows you. At its heart, the valley is dominated by the ranges of Pilar, Kirk Fell, Great Gable and of course the Scafells. 

The route up Scafell is steep, gaining height quickly and you will soon be able to look back over to the sea. Scafell should be reached by evening, hopefully taking in a beautiful sunset over the valley. You will start your decent in the dark and make your way to your final hill of the day Snowdon. 

Snowdon Summit: 1,085 Metres 

Jumping out the car at Pen Y Pass in North Wales, starting your final trek up the Pyg Track and conquering Snowdon can often be your hardest ascent. The views off Snowdon, through the valley and onto the Llanberris pass are truly stunning and make you feel as if you're in a different world. 

Once at the top of Snowdon, you will be able to really appreciate what you have achieved. You have conquered the three highest peaks in the UK. 

To do this challenge we recommend that you have a reasonable level of fitness. 

About BASIC 

BASIC provides pioneering rehabilitation programmes for those suffering from life-changing brain and spinal injuries. Money raised will help us run our virtual reality services, our Body BASIC assisted gym and our cognitive rehabilitation services. 

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