Join us at our CAREN open day? 

The computer-assisted rehabilitation environment or CAREN is a state-of-the-art rehabilitation technology developed for the military. 

We're currently the only specialist centre in the UK with the CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment) available to the public. Traditionally, physical therapists taught healthy movements by demonstrating a motion, then correcting patients as they repeat it. At our clinic, clients interact with a virtual reality environment while CAREN captures their motion with 12 infrared cameras and provides real-time feedback. By removing human error from physical therapy, we save time and can deliver unparalleled results. 

The CAREN can provide rehabilitation, balance training, falls prevention, prosthetic training, vestibular disorder rehab, movement in upper limbs, assisted daily living training, pain management, etc. Our neuro-physiotherapists can work with you to improve outcomes, maximise results and reduce the time needed for recovery. 

Come and see for yourself. 

The CAREN, C-Mill and Dynstable virtual reality technologies will be available for you to try at our open day. 

Further Information 

For further information and to confirm your attendance at the open day please call: 0161 707 6441 or email: [email protected]