Tough Mudder 

Join team BASIC at this year's Tough Mudder. 

Event Details 

Tough Mudder is one of the biggest and most famous obstacle course races in the world. The North West course is no exception to that and is probably one the toughest and muddiest courses in the UK that feature more than 20 obstacles over 10 miles. 

This year's Tough Mudder will take place in Cholmondeley Castle. 

How can we support you? 

If you choose to take on Tough Mudder for BASIC we will support you with: 

  • Training plans 
  • Fundraising advice 
  • BASIC Running Vest 

Click here to download our 10k training programme. 

What to wear

At all events, we suggest wearing normal running shoes – spikes and cleats are strictly prohibited, but MERRELL shoes are highly encouraged. Dress in comfortable clothing (or a costume that will make you more stylish on course) and bring dry clothing to change into once you’re done.

If it’s hot, suncream is a necessity. No matter what the weather is, make sure to come hydrated and take advantage of water stations on course.

Importantly, we want you to enjoy your day at Tough Mudder. 

About BASIC 

BASIC provides pioneering rehabilitation programmes for those suffering from life-changing brain and spinal injuries. Money raised will help us run our virtual reality services, our Body BASIC assisted gym and our cognitive rehabilitation services. 


If you have already secured your place in the 2018 Tough mudder and would like to fundraise for BASIC we would love to hear from you. 

Take a place in this year's Tough Mudder 

Registration Fee: £50 

Minimum Fundraising Amount: £300 

Further information: 

To find out more about the 2018 Tough mudder please contact our fundraising team by email on [email protected] or call the fundraising office on 0161 707 6441. 

Alternatively, please complete the form below to register your interest. 

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