Stoic Week 2017

  • Wish your emotions didn't get the better of you? 
  • Want to live a happier, calmer life? 
  • Want a way to stop illness, frustration or 'life' getting you down? 
  • Fancy a little taste of philosophy at BASIC? 

If you're a client, helper, volunteer or associate at BASIC you are welcome to join us in the memory workshop as we host Stoic Week between Tuesday 17th October and Wednesday 25th October to explore the ancient philosophy of Stoicism. The theme of the week is Self Renewal - a journey into Stoicism. 

Stoic principles have already helped many facing change in their lives, such as those who have a brain or a neurological condition. 

We are taking part in a unique worldwide experience to apply Stoic concepts and practices from thousands of years ago on the challenges of modern life. All you need to bring is your curiosity. 

Two-hour Stoic Week sessions will be held in the memory workshop room from 2pm on 17th and 24th October, repeated on: 18th and 25th October. Subject to demand there will be a mid Stoic-Week meeting on 20th October. RPrint out of the Stoic Week hand-book will be provided fo ryou to follow throghout the week. If you prefer you also join Stoic Week online by accessing the Modern Stoicism website

The sessions will be ran by Mary Todd. Mary is ready to explore stoicim with you saying: 

I'm not an expert in Stocism so I will not be provoding the answers. The hope is that togetehr we can explore some Stoic concepts about the way we think. Stocism is not a 'therapy', it is a way of looking at the world, an attitaute and a kind of road map to help us make wise and rational decisions and to live an untroubled, wiser and happier life. I wish us all good luck!

Further Information

For further inofmration about Stoic week and how you can get involved please get in touch with the team by email: [email protected] or call the team on 0161 707 6441.