A Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook from Brain Injury Touchpoint

This is a great resource for anyone struggling with anxiety at this time. Thanks to Raymond Lynch for coordinating its creation and letting anyone distribute it.

Download the Workbook here -> Coronavirus-Anxiety-Workbook.pdf

Check out their website too -> braininjurytouchpoint.com

Jenny's guide to Post Intensive Care Syndrome

If you've spent some time on an intensive care ward due to coronavirus (or for any other reason) this is a simple guide to help you learn more about PICS (Post Intensive Care Syndrome). If you have any further questions just get in touch via [email protected]

Download it here -> BASIC_guide_PICS.pdf

Powerpoint version here -> BASIC_guide_PICS.pptx

If you find this guide valuable, please consider sharing with others or donating to our cause - your support will help us continue our service through 2020 and beyond.