John Krakauer - the leader of the brain, learning, animation and movement (BLAM) lab at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine - has been described as a 'maverick' of medicine.  

Going against widely held beliefs, he has discovered an optimal window for stroke recovery, which occur in the immediate few weeks following the stroke.  

During this time, Krakauer reports that most patients spend 60% of their time alone and partake in little to no physical activity.  

Krakauer came to this conclusion by experimenting on mice. By giving them a stroke and altering their recovery patterns - he was able to prove that those who were placed in more stimulating recovery environments had a greater chance of returning to the cognitive ability they had before the stroke.  

Applying his experience from games design – Krakauer has also founded a gaming company - he has created games to stimulate the minds of patients and also get them moving.