Ideas for raising awareness and funds

Sometimes everyone needs a little inspiration when trying to raise awareness of a cause that's important to them, or achieve a fundraising target to support their chosen charity.

It's all about connecting others to your passion and sense of purpose, so finding the right activity(s) is an important starting point.

Here are our top everyday ideas that can help you get the attention you need, to tell the story that means the world to you.

Two types of activity - things for you alone, or things for you with your 'team'.

If there's anything missing - let us know!

What would you do?

1. Things you can do on your own for sponsorship or payment:

  • Give something up for a month (something you love, or something a bit addictive) 
  • A challenging physical activity (e.g. walk 2 miles a day for a month) 
  • Something ‘extreme’ or scary - Bungee Jump / Skydive / Abseil 
  • Music / Comedy performance
  • Sell unwanted items, or cakes/crafts you've made
  • Dress down day / Fancy dress day 
  • Cleaning, weeding or other simple services 

2. Things to get people to donate and join in with:

  • Come dine with me for charity 
  • Cultural celebration event (Xmas/Diwali/Eid)
  • Put collection tins in your local bars/restaurants/at work 
  • 10 pin bowling / 5 aside football tournament 
  • Pub Quiz / Karaoke Night / Talent Contest 
  • Paintballing
  • Tea and coffee mornings 
  • Charity lunch or dinner 

We know there's a lot, so we suggest going with something that 'feels like you' or stands out as a 'firm favourite'. If you'd like to talk over what might work then just get in touch with us here at BASIC and together we'll get you started.

email: [email protected] or call 0161 707 6441 and ask to speak to Pete.