2017/18 Balance Bursary 

Do you have problems with balance? Are you at risk of falls? 

The Brain and Spinal Injury Centre has a limited number of funded places for balance and gait training using state-of-the-art virtual reality technology. 

After a brain injury, it can be difficult to prepare for walking in real-life situations, such as uneven pavements, doorsteps and slippery snow patches. Virtual reality technology is unique in its ability to train patients to cope with these daily challenges. 

The C Mill 

The C-Mill is a dynamic learning environment designed to improve walking patterns. 

The C-Mill is unmatched in its functionalities and clinical opportunities. It can serve patients from early rehab all the way to outbound patients who need to improve their overall walking performance and reduce the risk of falling. The C-Mill is a treadmill used for evaluation and training of impaired walking and balance using augmented virtual reality. 


The Dynstable 

The Dynstable is a dynamic stability and balance learning environment. 

The Dynstable is an innovative piece of equipment that uses virtual reality. It is able to assess and improve every aspect of balance through training application. 

A registered neuro-physiotherapist will identify which training programmes will be best to achieve your goal identified in your first session. 

For further information please contact the team on [email protected]  

If you want to be put forward for our balance programme please complete the application form and return by email: [email protected] or by post: BASIC, 554 Eccles New Road, Salford, M5 5AP

The funds were kindly donated by the Hospital Saturday Fund.