Our Impact

I first came to BASIC 3.5 years ago having had a brain haemorrhage... I'll say Salford Royal saved my life but BASIC has saved my mind. It's the most wonderful place... where you just feel at home and there's no pressure; you can just be yourself. People don't ask questions like, what's the matter with you? Everyone is wonderful and friendly, staff are so supportive. I can't thank them enough for saving my life. Thank you everybody.” Over the years we have helped thousands of clients get back to work, walk and regain independence allowing them to live a full and fulfilling life. 

2017/18 in numbers 

  • 69% report reaching their personal goals 
  • 59% report improved understanding of brain injury 
  • 74% report increased confidence 
  • 63% report improved quality of life 
  • 74% report improved motivation 
  • 59% report improved energy levels 
  • 106 service users improved activities of daily living 
  • 81 service users accelerated their physical and cognitive recovery using innovative virtual reality technology 
  • 54 service users improved their mental health with psychotherapy and psychology with no waiting lists 
  • 40 service users improved their management of memory problems 
  • 55 service users developed skills on training courses 
  • 28 service users received help with benefits and appeals 
  • 25 service users reduced their risk of falls using virtual reality 
  • 19 service users undertook work experience at BASIC 
  • 12 service users reduced their pain with acupuncture 

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What can you do to help in the next year?

As you have seen BASIC have achieved so much helping hundreds of service users every year achieving their goals, increasing their independence which will help them lead a more fulfilling life. 

As a charity, we rely on funding from our loyal and new supporters. You could: 

  • Take on an event 
  • Donate 
  • Volunteer 
  • Nominate us as your chosen charity at work