Recovery & Wellbeing Services - Jan 2021

It's a difficult time for us all, so we've had a look at what we can do to keep supporting your recovery and wellbeing until we can reopen. We've got one initial opportunity for wellbeing support, but the Physio Team are busy thinking up a schedule of online exercise sessions and other virtual support too.


Wellbeing Support Calls with Tara

This is for a check in with Tara (our Operations Manager), she is a past client of BASIC and knows what it's like to be with and without support. She's here to listen to your concerns at this difficult time, provide an understanding ear and suggest futher support opportunities if needed.

Book a slot via our online calendar here: 

Schedule online with this form

Or call Tara on 07802 600 220

If the phone is engaged then you can leave your contact details or email [email protected] to schedule a call.

Tara's days of work are currently Tues-Fri 10am until 3pm.


Online Classes and sessions with the Physio Team

Although we have physically shut for everyone's safety, we are still keeping our doors open via a virtual service at BASIC and will be kicking it off with FAME classes online.

FAME is a group exercise class suitable for people with strokes and other neurological conditions which can help with muscle strength, balance, walking, cardiovascular fitness, and bone density.

To keep the activity safe and delivered for people who will be able to take part fully and benefit, our physio team are contacting recent clients who they have been working with on similar activities. We hope to roll out more open programmes as soon as possible.

If you'd like to discuss an opportunity for exercise classes you can email our physio Jenny - [email protected]

Other potential classes in the pipeline include upper limb classes, Capoeira classes and pilates; so keep an eye on BASIC's social media and this website for new opportunities.

Here are some videos of the pre-recorded sessions our physios did last year.