Russel’s Story

BASIC client Russell Francis was named “Adult Community Learner of the Year” at a special event at Salford City College. Russell won the individual award over 43 other students who were nominated by various organisations within Salford. He was nominated for the award by his tutors at BASIC, Mary Mullin and Linda Kelly.

Aged just 24, Russell was involved in a serious road accident in 2007. His brain injury left him with cognitive problems especially in the areas of memory, concentration and thinking skills. Prior to his accident, Russell was an outgoing young man with a job, relationship and a young child with everything to look forward to. It is no exaggeration to say that his life was turned upside down by the accident.

Russell began his journey at BASIC by attending Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This prepared him for his next step of doing an individually designed numeracy re-learning programme. This was particularly important to Russell as he has a young son and desperately wanted to support him with his homework. During the two-year programme, he was admitted to the hospital to have major surgery. Despite his health being a major concern throughout the course, he was determined to see it through.

He then went on to complete an individually designed computerised cognitive training course known as “The Captains Log” where according to his tutor ” excellent progress was made”.

There is no doubt that all his training at BASIC has improved his life and given him a much more positive outlook on how he views his future. Russell commented on his award:

"I am delighted to have won the award and I owe it all to BASIC for giving me the confidence in my own abilities. This has inspired me to carry on learning and hopefully one day, return to work. I am really glad I found BASIC and can't believe where I am now compared to when I had my accident".

His tutors, Mary and Linda, both attended the ceremony and could not have been more proud of Russell. “He is so pleasant and cheerful to work with and his own determination has paid off. Everyone at BASIC is proud of him. Well done Russell!”

Russell is one of the many people that BASIC is helping to achieve personal life goals following brain and spinal injury.