Where your money goes

Last year our services helped over hundreds of people living with life-changing brain and spinal injuries. For every £1 we raise 75p goes towards delivering and improving, the care and support we offer. The other 25p goes towards generating future income. 

Your donation helped Brooke: 

“Walking home after a night out, I was hit on the pavement by a speeding car as it lost control under braking. My head broke the glass of the windscreen, breaking both my eye sockets, my left cheekbone, nose, jaw, cracking my teeth and breaking three vertebrate in my neck."

Brooke was in a coma for 16 days and discharge 5 and a half months later. BASIC provided Brooke with the opportunity to achieve his goal of living a normal life. Brooke received cognitive rehabilitation to help with his memory and a career guide for when he was ready to move on. 

Brooke now gives lectures on brain injury, raising awareness of a 'hidden' condition. 

How we spend our funds:

In 2015/16 we spent £504,313 on our vital rehabilitation services, ensuring that service users received world-class treatment and care, as well as improving awareness of the charity and generating future income. 

Fundraising Expenditure 2015/16

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