Diet & Nutrition

A healthy diet during the recovery of brain injury is important and highly beneficial. Research has shown that deficiencies in nutrients can disrupt normal brain function. When someone sustains a brain injury, it is necessary to eat enough to help the brain function efficient. 

Nutritional tips for head injuries: 

  • Eat little and often 
  • Keep small bags of healthy snacks with you
  • Make sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet with a combination of protein, healthy fats, oils and carbohydrates.
  • Eat moderately 
  • If your body signals aren’t working well, set a timer so you remember when to eat
  • Try to eat around the same time every day

Vitamins & Supplements

It may be needed to boost and complement your nutritional intake by taking some of the following supplements:

  • Bio-pycnogenol – A powerful natural anti-oxidant 
  • Bio-E-Vitamin 
  • Bio-C-Vitamin 
  • Bio-Marine Plus 
  • Bio-Selenium 
  • Bio-Quinone 
  • B-Slenda 
  • Bio-Glucosamine 
  • StatiQinon 
  • Omega 7 

It is important that supplements are to be used with a healthy diet and cannot replace eating well.

Foods to avoid

Try to avoid the following foods and drink if possible:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Salty foods
  • Excessive sweets and candy