Physical Rehabilitation & Support

We support people that need physical help in a number of ways from our: BodyBasic assisted exercise suite; Virtual reality rehabilitation sessions; YouGrabber and Berkel Bike. 

“After my operation, my balance and mobility were badly affected. I had to rely on others to get around. Since using BodyBasic I can now walk unassisted and for a lot further. This means I can join my family when they go out walking which is something I have always enjoyed”

BodyBasic Assisted Exercise Suite

Power assisted exercise equipment is specifically designed for people with physical disabilities who need to exercise but could not or would not access a conventional gym. BodyBasic comprises of 16 specifically designed assisted exercise machines, a treadmill and a balance board. This technology allows a person to exercise in three modes; completely passively for those who are immobile to exercise with minimum effort required. 

The benefits of the BodyBasic Assisted Exercise suite are: 

  • Increased functional capacity 
  • Improved circulation 
  • Increased mobility and co-ordination 
  • Increased muscle strength, increased general health, fitness and wellbeing 
  • Improved mood and self-esteem 
  • Reduction in the risk of stroke, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. 

To find out more about the BodyBasic gym email or call 0161 707 6441 


The YouGrabber uses virtual reality games for upper limb rehabilitation where manual dexterity has been affected by injury, for example following a stroke. It is helpful for people with sensory-motor and cognitive impairments and provides interactive therapy exercises which focus on finger, hand and arm coordination. 

To find out more about the YouGrabber email or call 0161 707 6441 

Berkel Bike

The Berkel Bike is a combination of hand cycle and recumbent bike and is driven by using both the power of arms as well as legs from the comfort of a manual or electric wheelchair. This allows sufferers of Polio, StrokeMS or Spinal Cord Lesion to exercise without the need to transfer from their wheelchair. 

The Berkel Bike is connected to a cycle trainer, which connects the user to a PC. This gives access to a variety of virtual reality and training software packages. 

To find out more about the Berkel Bike email: or call 0161 707 6441