Walking with Confidence

Walking through Winter with Confidence

We need your help to give 34 people the chance to access life changing improvements with their balance and walking. That’s one person for every year that BASIC has been a charity – every year it’s been a lifeline of support for those with brain or spinal injury.

I felt very isolated and adrift with a hidden disability. It began to dawn on me that recovery from a brain injury would be a long-term commitment.
Injured Client

Dangerous Falls & Further Injuries

Clients at BASIC can’t balance or walk like they used to – this is what brain injuries and neuro illnesses do to people. Serious falls and further injury are made much more likely.

Preventing falls for our clients is a major concern as 2 in 5 problems resulting from any fall are facial and head injuries – this can be disastrous for our already injured clients – and is especially worrying in winter as it’s a perilous time for anyone out in the cold and ice.

For the NHS, head injury related hospital admissions are increasing along with treatment costs. Many of these admissions are caused by trips and falls – so helping keep people upright is an important goal. Plus every admission prevented can save the NHS up to £3000.

Donations from November to March will go towards our Walking With Confidence appeal. We’re providing bursaries for those who cannot afford balance training, and upgrading the virtual reality training technology.

Building On Previous Success

We have previously raised money to provide hundreds of hours of Balance Training that improved the lives of people at risk of injury through falls due to a range of issues including stroke, MS, Parkinson’s, and brain haemorrhage.

More than 50 people have experienced the positive benefits available through VR therapy. Nearly 80% of these people reported improved balance and 70% showed they had reduced their risk of falls. Over 50% even improved their walking speed so they could better avoid dangers when crossing the road.

79% of participants improved their balance

70% of participants reduced their risk of falls

52% of participants improved their walking speed

Lets achieve this Together

Providing more access to
the recovery we’d all deserve

£15,300 for 34 bursaries

We have 500 clients each year – but the majority simply can’t afford to pay for treatment. These won’t help everyone, but it’s a confident step in the right direction.

Boosting treatment outcomes
with up to date technology.

£6,375 for C-Mill upgrade

Our Virtual Reality will be improved to offer more complete training for real-world challenges. Things like increased multi-tasking will better meet client needs.

Our Goals in more detail

1. New bursaries to increase access to recovery

Serious disabilities prevent clients earning for many months post-surgery and our older clients aren’t necessarily wealthy in their retirement. Working family members can suddenly be made full time carers – the money simply isn’t available.

The NHS saves lives after injury, but can only offer limited support for recovery. BASIC prevents injured people having to cope alone or pressure the NHS for support.

We do not want to turn people away because they cannot afford to pay. We rely on donations to provide a service that can offer low cost and free support. We believe everyone should be able to access the life changing treatments they need.

2. Even better results for people training to walk again

Upgrading the training and rehabilitation technology is an important part of maximising the benefits for clients. The Virtual Reality tools are improving and its time to offer access to some of the newer support.

The C-Mill is a key piece of rehab equipment that has recently improved to offer more comprehensive training for walking and balancing in the real world.

An example of new benefits is the inclusion of Auditory Cueing which uses sounds to instruct participants in their movement. This mimics how we use sound as one of the senses that helps us navigate the world. Increasing the number of senses engaged during rehab adds to the multi-tasking and increases the cognitive training and potential for learning.

More details on the C-Mill technology

If you'd like to know a bit more about the C-Mill VR technology, these images offer more details.

If you’d like to ask further questions about our campaign or any other aspects of our work, please call the centre on 0161 707 6441 or email enquiries@basiccharity.org.uk

Walking forward Together

By committing just a small amount of support for these goals you’re helping us take an important step forward into 2022. BASIC and our clients rely on this commitment both from companies and the communities that care about better health for everyone. Together we want to provide the best recovery from brain and spinal injuries. 

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