Meet the Team

How long have you worked at BASIC: Since January 1994

What you do: I am responsible for the strategic direction and development of services in conjunction with Trustees. The role includes business planning, bid writing and overseeing the running of BASIC’s Centre. I am also trained as a CBT psychotherapist since 2000 and EMDR trauma therapist since 2012 and am an accredited practitioner with the BABCP and EMDR UK and Ireland.

Qualifications: BA (Hons) Communications, MSc Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies

Interests outside of work:Recently bought a motorbike, love hiking with my dog.


How long have you worked at BASIC: Since 2011

What you do: Working alongside my colleagues, I am the first port of call for new clients, providing information, reassurance and support to those recovering from brain or spinal injury. I am responsible for the coordination and development of all volunteers at BASIC. 

Qualifications: BA (Hons) Business Administration, NCFE Level 3 PTTLS

Interests outside of work: My outside interests include spending quality time with my family and children. I also like to run. 

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How long have your worked at BASIC: Since 2011

What you do: I manage the gym at BASIC and do neuro-assessments for clients with neurological conditions who have been referred to BodyBasic. This includes prescribing a programme of using the gym equipment and, if necessary, advice on exercise, 6-monthly and annual reviews. 
In addition, I network with the community therapy teams, Stroke Association and university lecturers involved with neurology. I am actively involved in research with collaborative studies at the universities for the virtual reality equipment at BASIC. I am involved in delivering presentations at various venues. 

Qualifications: MSc in Physiotherapy in Neurology, BA (open university) SR physiotherapy, Certificate of completion – Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment training.

Interests outside of work: Dog Walking, singing, dancing, gardening and socialising with friends and family.

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How long have you worked at BASIC: since 2002 

What you do: I run workshops twice a week for people who want to manage their memory or to improve other hidden cognitive problems associated with brain injuries such as concentration, planning and general thinking skills. I can also provide individual support for clients returning to work. 
My research work focuses on ways of maximising retained memory following brain injury. 

BSc (Hons), Cpsychol, PhD, MBPsS

 Interests outside of work: Reading, art, theatre, finding the best fish and chip shop in Britain, holidays in Croatia. 

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How long have you worked at BASIC?: Since 2005 

What you do: Carol is on hand to help people in BodyBasic. She also sees clients that may need nutritional advice. Carol also conducts acupuncture sessions for clients that need help with pain management. 

Qualifications: Certificate in Nutrition and Health (The Royal Institute of Public Hygiene and Health), Diploma in Nutrition and Health, Certificate in nutritional supplements, Certificate of completion – computer assisted rehabilitation environment training

Interests outside of work: Cycling, travelling, spending time with friends. 

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How long have you worked at BASIC?: Since 2000 

What you do:  My role in the gym is to provide information, support, to encourage clients and overseeing the use of the gym equipment. 
My work is very rewarding as I see people improve in confidence and to see a smile on someone’s face instead of a frown. 

Clinical Aromatherapy I.S.P.A 
Anatomy and physiology diploma 
Sports Therapy 
Member of Federation of Holistic Therapists 
Certificate of completion – Computer assisted rehabilitation environment training 

Interests outside of work: Enjoy gentle walks in the countryside, reading, meditation, spending time with family and friends. I love visiting cathedrals and places of historical interest.

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How Long have you worked at BASIC: Since September 2019

What do you do?: My role involves running Food for Thought cafe based at BASIC’s Centre. This includes menu planning and cooking of nutritious food.

Qualifications: Batchelor of Education BEd, an advanced certificate in Food Safety, NVQ Food Preparation and Cooking

Interests outside of work: I am famous for my award-winning cakes.

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How long have you been at BASIC: From July 2019

Role: Operating the CAREN, C-Mill and Dynstable

HND Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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