CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment)

The CAREN system enables patients with a disability to practise real-life situations in a safe and controlled environment, leading to improved physical stamina, better cognitive skills, dual tasking and improved confidence. 

CAREN puts people at the helm of a life-size video game and forces them to use atrophied muscles and teaches the basic skills necessary to recover quicker from a brain and spinal injuries and other disorders. 

The CAREN provides: 

  • Analysis of movement in real-time, providing immediate feedback to therapists and patient 
  • A software system named the human body model that computes body movement in real time in 300 muscle elements 
  • Exposure to environments that are physically challenging without putting patients in danger 
  • A system that mimics changes in terrain, encountered in the virtual environment, for example across the street or walking on uneven surfaces while in the safety of a harness.

To find out more the CAREN, including cost, please email enquiries@basiccharity.org.uk or call us on 0161 707 6441. 

The DynSTABLE (Dynamic Stability and Balance Learning Environment)

The Dynstable is an innovative piece of virtual reality equipment that is able to assess and improve every aspect of balance through training applications. It has the capacity to undertake clinical measures to train balance under various conditions from simple to complex. Dysntable Key Features include: 

  • Objective measures for the different aspects of balance control 
  • Challenge dynamic stability with the moving platform 
  • Outcome measures to define therapy baseline and monitor patient progress
  • Measure balance control under complex and challenging conditions
  • Patient-specific training applications
  • Motivating and challenging virtual reality environments

To find out more about the Dysntable and the costs please email enquiries@basiccharity.org.uk or call 0161 707 6441.

The C-Mill

The C-Mill is unmatched in its functionalities and clinical opportunities. It can serve patients from early rehab, learning to stand, step and walk again, all the way to outbound patients who need to improve their overall walking performance and reduce the risk of falling. The C-Mill is a treadmill for evaluation and training of impaired gait and balance using augmented virtual reality. The C-Mill is available in three models, with different defaults and options. 

C-Mill Advantages

  • Functional Walking with targeted treatment options 
  • Repeatable and variable training 
  • Motivating, engaging and fun for patient 
  • Training in a safe environment 
  • Assessment of patient’s gait and gait adaptability 
  • Objective measurements and testing 
  • Monitor performance over time 
  • Clinical report options with or without video recordings 
  • No preparation time; session can start immediately after turning on the system.