Military Veterans Bursary

Are you a military veteran? 

Do you need help recovering from a head or spinal injury? 

We can assist with rehabilitation, balance training, falls prevention, prosthetic training, vestibular disorder, movement in upper limbs, assisted daily living training and pain management. We are the only specialist centre in the UK using a Computer Assisted Rehabilitation environment or CAREN, which is a start of the art rehabilitation technology developed for the military. Traditionally, physical therapists taught healthy movement by demonstrating a motion, then correcting patients as they repeat it. At our clinic, clients interact with a virtual reality environment while CAREN captures their motion with 12 infrared cameras and provides real-time feedback. By removing human error from physical therapy we can save time and deliver unparalleled results. You will be assessed by a neuro physiotherapist and provided with up to 18 intense and motivating rehabilitation sessions. We will measure the before and after results so that you can see the progress you have made. Wheelchair users are welcome. Places are limited and are on a first come first saved basis and are free of charge; the places are funded through the Covenant Fund. If you think you would be applicable please complete the form below.

Military Veterans Bursary Form