Rebuilding BASIC

We're used to tackling the physical, mental and emotional impacts of brain injury. Now we're preparing to reopen, restart the rehabilitation, and tackle the neurological impact of COVID.

It's clear now that this virus does cause problems in the brain... But with so many Covid patients having neurological symptoms, it will be important to look at the long-term effects on the brain... It's becoming increasingly apparent that getting sent home from the ICU is not the end for these people. It's just the beginning of their recovery.
This is very important as we start to prepare post-Covid-19 rehabilitation programs... We’ve already seen that some people with Covid-19 may need a long rehabilitation period, both physical rehabilitation such as exercise, and brain rehabilitation.

The reason we're here remains the same

When people suffer a brain injury, the world becomes a different place. Whether from illness such as stroke or covid, or an accident on the roads or in the workplace, people find they are no longer the person they were. They can’t do things they used to, feel or think the way they did; and they can’t maintain the same relationships with their community, colleagues, friends or even family. It’s their whole life that is injured – but importantly it’s not over, and BASIC is a trusted source of long-term support on the road to recovery.

We’ve been Rebuilding Lives together for 33 years, but activities were severely disrupted in March and these recovery journeys became much harder to support. Now we’re learning that the reason we’re closed has become the new reason we’re needed. For some people, Coronavirus harms the brain.

So we’re Rebuilding BASIC – and we’re asking for your help.

Going to BASIC is the best things that could have ever happened to us. Before visiting BASIC I really believed that my husband would never walk again. His achievement is unbelievable. The confidence and belief that staff have given him as well as the treatment to use his legs again is just amazing. They have worked magic. Words cannot express our gratitude to them.
(BASIC Client)

3 immediate concerns

  1. Recovery journeys stopped – Many personal recovery journeys have been put on hold, challenging both physical & mental health; we need to re-ignite these recoveries and get back to rebuilding these lives.
  2. Community broken apart – The community of shared recovery has become disconnected, and the sense of shared struggle, hope, recovery and success has faded; we need to play our part in bringing people back together in the right, safe way.
  3. Income streams cut off – We have lost a large proportion of our income while the service has been disrupted, and we’re all approaching a difficult financial period; so we must keep innovating on how we generate funds, take responsibility, lead, and inspire support.
What I like about BASIC’s gym is that everybody is in the same position and trying to make the best out of life. Everyone says hello and they watch you walk, as I do them and we as a whole encourage each other.
Client feedback 2019

What does the rebuild look like?

We’ve already begun rebuilding our services – we’re trialling new online therapy and exercise sessions, community activities and guidance; while strengthening safety measures in our Centre, the Virtual Reality Suite and Assisted Gym – getting them ready to reopen.

But it’s not just time to reopen – it’s time to move forward and combine our proven rehab methods, with our new ways of working. Our innovative culture and expert team of therapists (physical, physio, neuro and psychological) are ready for this – and we’re clear how to focus our efforts and funds over the next period of recovery.

What will the impact of our work be?

From Rebuilding BASIC we’ll see 3 main benefits. People will be recovering once again from serious life changing injuries, learning to live with new disabilities and enjoy life in a new way. They’ll be sharing their experiences with family and friends who are going through the same thing – finding support and understanding that can be relied on for the future. Then together we will find new ways for everyone to support the charity so we can keep providing this service for everyone who needs it.

Rebuild BASIC

1 - Restart Recovery Journeys

Through re-opening the service and re-engaging people with the therapies they need, we will kickstart these recoveries and breathe new life into rehabilitation.

2 - Reconnect a Community

Using social distancing and online alternatives, we will play our part in bringing people back together in the right and safe way.

3 - Refund the Delivery

By expanding and innovating support opportunities, we’ll learn with our supporter community what the future of income generation looks like.

Reinforce the Service from 4 months of learning

We’ve learnt and developed in the last few months. We are going to bring our new skills, knowledge and digital services, to expand rehabilitation, social support and funding; to be even more accessible and relevant to the lives of our clients and supporters.

Rebuilding on strong foundations - our commmunity home

For our longer-term and faithful community members – there’s a re-edit of the lockdown video. Like many organisations we wanted to share something to show how the community felt about closing for lockdown, so we’ve added a little trip down memory lane as a second half to show our anticipation for opening up again.